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Inter-institutional ERASMUS agreements (IIA) 2021-2027

    Does your institution wish to continue our partnership within the Erasmus+ project (KA 103) 2021-2027?



    This page will provide the information you need.

    Departmental Coordinators:
    Further Information:
    • Guideline for calculating ECTS
    • List of subjects taught at the Fachakademie with credit points
    • Programme of subjects

    These documents can be downloaded here

    Should you have further questions, please contact:

    Dr. Birgit Eder

    Stellv. Schulleiterin, Erasmus+-Koordinatorin (FAK), Dozentin für Englisch und Russisch

    Jennifer Wolpensinger

    Koordination Erasmus+ (FAK), Webmaster, Mitarbeiterin Administration (Marketing & Veranstaltungen)