Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Welcome to the Erasmus page of the Institut für Fremdsprachen und Auslandskunde (IFA). Here you will find the necessary forms as well as the information you need to organise your stay in Erlangen or your study abroad in the framework of the Erasmus programme.

Departmental Coordinators:
How to apply:

Application form for Incoming Students (download center) – fill in and send it to us via email


  • May 15th for the winter semester or full year
  • December 15th for the summer semester
Course selection:

You will find the course catalogue and the distribution of courses to the different languages at our download center.

The actual course catalogue with the corresponding timetable will be posted by the end of August in the App „Untis“. You will have access to it when being in Erlangen in september.

Insert the courses you initially choose in the provisional Learning Agreement. You can either send it to us once signed by your local Erasmus Coordinator or bring it with you to be signed in Erlangen and then sent to your home university.

The initial Learning Agreement is allways a provisional one. Once in Erlangen you will have enough time and help to adjust it to your needs and level. If you have any questions about it, do contact us.


Tell us as soon as possible whether you will look for accomodation of your own or if you prefer to get a room in a student’s residence – run by the Official Student’s Office of the university – with our help.

Information about the application procedure and housing types:

Please do not apply before having informed us that you intend to do so. The form will not be processed until we will have nominated you. Allow 14 days between your notification and the nomination. Link to the application form:

Adress of the Student’s Office:

WohnService Erlangen
Henkestraße 38a
91054 Erlangen
Postfach 32 08, 91020 Erlangen
Tel +49 9131 80 02-23
Tel +49 9131 80 02-24
Fax +49 91 31 80 02-192

Additional Pages:
Should you have further questions, please contact:

Dr. Birgit Eder

Stellv. Schulleiterin, Erasmus+-Koordinatorin (FAK), Dozentin für Englisch und Russisch

Jennifer Wolpensinger

Koordination Erasmus+ (FAK), Webmaster, Mitarbeiterin Administration (Marketing & Veranstaltungen)